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I Joined the NRA

I’ve been a gun owner and enthusiast my entire life, having been an avid hunter from the age of 7, and politically libertarian my entire adult life.  Despite that, and being an politically active individual, I’ve never joined any political organization, including the NRA.  However, that changed recently when I joined the NRA.  The constant push from the left to remove or restrict my rights, which has increased to a feverish pitch since the school shooting in Florida last month, finally galvanized me to act.

The NRA, and other similar organizations related solely to protecting the Second Amendment are demonized by many in America today.  Wrongly I would say, and I’m extremely glad organizations like the NRA exist to stave off further infringement of our right to bear arms.  It was simply time, perhaps long overdue, that I provided monetary support toward what I view as a key and integral right that needs to be protected at all cost.  Looking back it seems odd that I never took the step to join before, but I feel a great joy in joining now with millions of other likeminded Americans.  I now count myself amongst those who serve as a bulwark against the oppression of the left.  And I know that membership alone is not enough, I need, and will do more.

Gun ownership and the second amendment have always been important in my life.  More so now than ever when it’s easy to imagine access to firearms and the right to bear arms could be severely infringed.  Please don’t imagine that it could not, when you have an entire political party working tirelessly toward that very goal.  The left will chip away at what many consider to be one of the bedrock rights we’ve enjoyed since the founding of our great nation.  Whether you agree with every stance the NRA or any other Second Amendment focused organization, I urge you to get involved.  Provide what support you can.  Only through our combined voices, can we hope to maintain our freedom.

It’s sad I even have to say that, yet here we are.  I understand the concern and fear mass shootings cause in the public.  And especially those affecting children.  It’s natural for a person to seek stability and security.  Though I find the push from the left to disarm Americans to be wholly misguided.  Foremost, you’ll never completely disarm the public, and those individuals seeking security and stability by agreeing to disarm will always find themselves at the mercy of criminals who scoff at laws to disarm and gun free zones.  The push from the left to disarm Americans will never make us safer, but will in fact make us less safe.

It also undermines what rights are.  Seeing various comments from children the left is using to push their radical anti-gun agenda, it’s easy to see how we got to where we are today in this debate.  It’s clear that so many young people – in fact so many Americans regardless of age – simply have no understanding of what a right is.  The Constitution doesn’t grant a person rights, it constrains government from infringing upon them.  Rights are inherent.  In other words, you have rights simply by existing.  In America government is not our master, but rather a servant specifically tasked with enforcing and protecting our rights.  Chief among those, are the right to life.

We each have a right to exist; to live; to protect oneself in order to preserve our life.  Hence, the second amendment which forbids government from infringing upon it.  I believe a lack of history, and civics education in K-12, or at the very least its de-emphasis are at the core of the debate raging today.  Recent generations are no longer taught what everyone intrinsically understood for 200 years.

The left seeks to steer the debate using terms such as “need”, asking why anyone “needs” a certain type of kind of firearm.  Or, seeks to prey upon a person’s inherent desire for security by asking for everyone to agree upon certain “common sense” measures.  Yet both approaches miss the point entirely.  A right isn’t based upon need, it’s inherent.  A person neither needs to explain or justify his or her application of a right, nor does someone else’s common sense weigh on the matter.

A gun, in and of itself, is no more dangerous than a bouquet of flowers.  Yet that isn’t the narrative woven for the American public from leftist activists, and most especially the main stream media.  To those individuals, guns are the mass murderers and the people pulling the triggers are completely inconsequential.  Odd that school shootings seem to be a relatively recent activity in America and didn’t happen when it wasn’t unusual to see kids driving to school with gun racks in their trucks.  I myself drove to school with a shotgun in my trunk, my junior and senior years of high school.  It wasn’t unusual.  Luckily I had a well behaved firearm, which didn’t harm anyone.

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The left, proving once again they don’t believe in the Constitution

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

I love this story.  There aren’t often such clear examples of hypocrisy from the left, yet this is one such perfect example.  The left is always harrangueing the country on the importance of ‘Freedom of Speech’, — as if any of us truly needed a lecture on its merits — using it to ensure they have the right to create and burn/hang effigees of President Bush; using it to ensure they have the right to burn the American Flag and to create horrible art depicting Jesus Christ and Mary drenched in feces; and using it to ensure they have the right to depict everyone who disagrees with a black man as racist.  However, when the shoe is on the other foot all that hyperbole goes out the window.  The left only wants the right kind of free speech.  The wrong kind of free speech must be stamped out whatever the cost.

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Office of Vice President unimportant

Bin Ladin was very astute when he apparently directed his terrorists to ignore Vice President Biden. Without ever attending an American school he very astutely learned what everyone else in the United States knows: The office isn’t with a bucket of warm spit.

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The national flag is offensive?

I ran across this article today that just astounded the he’ll out of me. This observance of non-offense to anyone and everyone else on the planet (sans Christians of course) is of course political correctness run amok. And it’s destroying the very fabric of our culture and society. In this very particular case, we’re talking about a child who apparently was told by a teacher that he couldn’t display a picture of the national flag he’d drawn because it might offend someone else in the class.

I’m sorry folks, but if you find the very image of our national flag offensive, you have issues.; but you should probably move long to some other country. Perhaps Cuba.

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Imagine the family discussions?

Actually this is the dynamic in most families, yet I simply couldn’t pass up an opportunity to point out President Obama’s conservative cousin.  Get em’ Dr. Wolf!

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In Norfolk the first heads roll over 12-year no show

I had just commented on this story yesterday, but today the Virginia Pilot is reporting that Norfolk has now fired four Community Services Board executives and one assistant over the matter.  The action, coming at the end of the Community Services Board investigation, is but the first of what will ultimately transpire as the investigative results were formally turned over to the FBI.  Once you get past the umbrage of what Jill McGlone — the woman who was paid some $300,000 over 12-years while not performing any work — did, questions should start to turn to why it happened.  We knew from the start she couldn’t have done this alone, and thankfully the CSB investigation answered that question, but it will fall to the FBI and the Norfolk police department to answer the other.

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Norfolk employee collects $300,000 over 12 years for zero work

September 3, 2010 1 comment

It’s already a cliche that government employees do little to nothing for the pay they receive, but this woman really did nothing over the past 12 years for the $300,000 salary she collectedNo one seems to know how someone could have been employed for 12 years, receive a 4% annual salary increase, and still escape the notice of auditors and those in control on the purse strings.  That will soon be known however, as the FBI has joined a growing list agencies, groups, and individuals looking into that very question.

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