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IPCC AR5 Confirms and Denies At The Same Time

After the AR4 fiasco you’d think the UN’s IPCC would have learned their lesson.  But you’d be wrong.  Honestly, how can we expect Climate Activists (aka Scientists) to be anything than they actually are.  AR5 is again full of citations from activist groups like Green Peace, Sierra Group, and others that are not objective.  Yet AR5 is one thing, a wake up call.  AR5 proves that the UN and Climate Activists around the world do not understand the complexity of climate change (Global Warming) and their climate fear monger can not be trusted.  Subject to a myriad of factors, global climate has always, and will always change.  That is truly settled, but beyond that the so called “settled science” that climate activists are parroting is nothing more than marketing.  Climate alarmism is more religion than science.

The IPCC, and the networks of climate research institutions that support it, have for years been stating global temperatures would rise a certain amount due to human produced pollution and yet the recorded data indicates a global increase of only half as much.  An error of 50% from prediction would be enough to send any scientist or group packing, but such is not the case with a world wide network of climate activists.  To them It simply means we’re missing “the bigger picture“.  But even the IPCC can’t ignore the truth forever.  Buried within AR5 is the surprise admission that solar activity’s impact on climate has been significantly under represented.

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